• An Appointment at the Edge of Forever, Book I of the Ryo Myths

Filion isn’t the type to leave his room. In fact, he does most of his work while asleep. Filion is a Dream Searcher, and his job is to influence people through their dreams. One day he receives a Summoning asking him not to delve into the Dream World but rather into reality. His task is to find and protect Ryo, the last Chozen. Ryo is the only thing that stands between the evil Afortiori and Universal slavery, but she doesn’t know it. Time is ticking, and Filion has no idea how to find Ryo or how to protect her. Luckily for Filion, he happens to meet Captain Eri, who is just the person he needs. The question is, can Filion and his crew find Ryo before the Afortiori do?

An Appointment at the Edge of Forever is available from Glastonbury Publishing and can be purchased on Amazon.com or Barnes and Noble.com.

Check out what readers are saying about Appointment at the Edge of Forever:

Amazon user J.H. states:

"I am a huge Sci-Fi fan. I have followed all the greats, such as Heinlein, Herbert and Asimov. I can now add an upcoming sci-fi writer as well, Pring."

Eclipse Reviews states:

"[Appointment at the Edge of Forever] was well worth the read, I just couldn't put it down and will be looking for the next book. Well deserved 5 stars from me."

Amazon user Mark states:

"Do you like:

-Visiting distant planets, some of which have very colorful forests?

-Sexual tension between a 10-foot-tall and beautifully furred dream searcher and a trained to kill she-robot-soldier?
-Character development?

I thought so. Enjoy."

Amazon user Alex states:

"Once you start reading, you will not stop. You will not eat or sleep until it's finished. I love sci fi, and this is right up my alley. I'm purchasing the second book right after I write this review!"

  • Tomorrow is Too Late, Book II of the Ryo Myths

I was a natural flier, I could take a punch, and I was smarter than most. Within five years I was a full-fledged pilot. On my last assignment, I was Master Pilot Eri Everfar, commanding pilot of a class B Federal war ship, the Seeker, and that’s where I met him, Drakier Lu…

Filion and his new friends have escaped Bok and are stuck in an asteroid field that isn’t supposed to exist. They’ve almost run out of fuel, their water supply is seriously depleted, all of their food has been destroyed, and the girl they’d just risked everything to save, Ryo, is dead.

Captain Eri’s former lover, Drakier Lu, has been promoted to Master Commander of the entire Federal Fleet, and his assignment is to find and capture the Dark Horse. Captain Eri has been identified as a Tiori, and she and her associates have just become the Federation’s most wanted. Things aren’t what they seem though, and the line between good and evil blurs as the players’ true motivations come to light.

Filion and the crew return, traveling the galaxy and dodging the Federation and the Tioris, all the while searching for a rogue planet that may or may not be harboring the one person who can save them all…

Tomorrow is Too Late is available from Glastonbury Publishing and can be purchased on Amazon.com or Barnes and Noble.com.

Check out what readers are saying about Tomorrow is Too Late:

Eclipse Reviews states:

"As with book one, Pring has developed an amazing plot accompanied by amazing writing skills. If you love a space adventure with an action packed pace, this series is for you. Well-deserved 5 stars, and I can't wait for the third book to continue this amazing adventure."

Amazon user Kendallsweet states:

"I literally couldn't put this book down! I read it in just a few days and that says a lot because it usually takes me months to read a book for fun. Pring's book sucks you into a visually stimulating world of dynamic characters who are woven together in unique and interesting ways. I promise you won't be able tot put this down and you will be begging for book 3!"

Amazon user Halfdome Gnome states:

"I'm not usually into the science fiction books, but Pring's writing could change my mind. She makes them feel real, and I come away feeling like I know these people. This second book might even be better than the first one."

Amazon user Jackson states:

"A roller coaster worth every second. It is really amazing how many different story threads were woven together so tightly without ever losing track of anything - the entire book, start to finish, was non-stop thriller, and the worst part was that it ended."